Former Canadian MP Warns That Banning Slots Can Only Drive People “From Dignity to Poverty

We always knew that our brothers and sisters from across the Pond have their own issues with regards to pokies, but who knew that even the polite folks from the Great White North are also holding the same debates as what we have here?

Well, no one is exactly debating there per se, since the Ontario branch of the Canadian Government has already signed the petition to remove all—yes, you read that right, allpokie machines from every horse racing track in the province starting next year.

The current sitting Premier of Ontario, Liberal MP Dalton McGuinty, signed the policy into effect earlier this week as a response to the state’s $15 B deficit. However, it should be noted that the policy has made the Government renege on the fourteen-year old agreement that allows for some seventeen horse racing tracks in Ontario to install online pokies australia on their venues. Up until this year, that agreement was bringing about $345 M in revenues to the horse racing industry, primarily from its slot machines alone.

One of the more influential people who have spoken out against the policy was Dennis Mills, a well-known former MP in Toronto’s Danforth province. He did not mince words with the press: he really believes that the Government is being short-sighted in looking for what the real solution to the budget deficit problem should be (if it’s not obvious to you, our dear reader, he was the one who provided the soundbite to the press that served as the “title” for this piece). He blasted them for failing to recognize how much help an additional billion-dollar in revenues can do in helping the state’s economy and, in so doing, the “unfair tactics” that they are employing in pressuring a large income-generating industry to cave in and give in to their demands.

Mills is planning to roll out his personal campaign aimed at changing the Government—and, in extension, the public’s—mind with regards to the whole policy. Since he is currently involved with Magna International—a corporation that specializes in making auto-parts—and serves with them as a member of the board of directors, there is no doubt that he is certainly experienced to launch such a drive, even by his own lonesome. As of press time, he had already raised forty thousand dollars for the whole campaign to push through this Friday, with about a quarter of the money coming from his own pockets. Other than building a website that aims to raise awareness for the people who may risk losing their jobs in light of the policy, he is also planning a city-wide billboard campaign—which is about a hundred ads in number—in some of Canada’s major metropolises, like the aforementioned Ontario area and Toronto.

See, not every pro-pokie lobbyist is a greedy leech. Please try to remember that when reading the local news next time.

Are Online Pokies Becoming Mainstream? Zynga Slots Ends in Top Ten of “Most Downloaded App” Last Week

In a one-on-one interview with American financial news outfit TheStreet last week, Mike Gupta, Zynga’s current Vice President for Finance and Treasury, admitted that “it is something we’re exploring” when asked if they’re really pushing for a stake in the online gambling space. So, with that in mind, we can all rest easy now and call it a day—for better or worse, all of the old-school online pokie operators who have been providing us with our amusements for some time now have a publicly-known corporation to contend with this time around.

And before you say it out loud, the idea that they will be having a virtual monopoly on almost all online-based games won’t be happening anytime… soon, because they’re not quite at that level yet; however, it may be enough to give the old operators some jitters. After all, the online pokies have struggled for the longest time proving to the world that theirs is a respectable business, and here comes Zyngaswooping in to entice any potential customers they may acquire just as the former is beginning to touch the proverbial glass ceiling. If the latest performance for Zynga’s new IP, Slots, is any indication, the popular social-gaming company may be the most likely ones to enact this “change” in the public perception that playing online pokies should be nothing to be ashamed of.
In the wake of the debut of Slots, which entered the app store ranking #105 and shooting up to sixth place in a mere two days, some industry pundits were already pondering what all of these could mean for everyone concerned with the business of online pokies. BTIG, a U.S.-based corporation specialising in market analysis, had their resident expert trader, Rich Greenfield, write a piece on how Zynga may have struck a goldmine the likes of which was not seen during the salad days of Farmville. In his column, he notes how the “addictive nature” of pokies have benefitted the company’s competitors, which is one of the reasons why the company is so willing to enter this otherwise unfamiliar ground, despite not having the market experience that will enable them to completely dominate the competition if they had been at it earlier.

Greenfield also writes that the executives at Zynga may have found “significant option value… for the legalization (sic) of online gambling”. What may be their biggest contribution, though, is the “immediate traction” that the successes of Zynga’s casino-themed games, which also include their hitZynga Poker, will bring to all “traditional casinos games”.

As a pokies fan, are you looking forward to or fearing the potential impact that Zynga may have on the mobile online pokie scene?